The Indian Youth Red Cross Unit was started in our institution as per the Government order on 09-07-2012 under the guidance of  Prof, C. V. Jyoti Principal  K.R.C.E. Society’s G.G.D. Arts, B.M.P. Commerce and  S.V.S. Science college, Bailhongal. Prof. U.B. Hunagund and Prof. Maruthi N.S. previously worked as a Programme Officer. Dr. Kumar Naik KH is working as programme officer, since 2018-19.


Red Cross Unit committee members,


1. Dr. Kumar Naik KH       -          Programme Officer

2. Prof. V. S. Ganachari      -         Member 

3. Dr. N. K. Yenagi                 -          Member 

4. Smt. S. M. Patil                 -          Member 




AIDS awareness to public programme was organized in Yaradal Village, Bailhongal.

Awareness programme of Sakala Saptha

Road safety awareness programme

Health Checkup Camp And Awareness about contagious infectious disease in human being.

Special lecture on International women day.

COVID-19 vaccination drive.

Fire safety face to face training.

Blood Donation camp.

World Environment Day celebration and plantation programme.

Health checkup camp.

Cultural Fest.

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Red-Cross Activity Reports : 2017-18   2018-23

A Report  on :

The International Women’s Day was celebrated in KRCES’s Degree College, Bailhongal on Monday 8th March 2021.