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           A few years ago, student community of Bailhongal taluka had to pursue their higher education in distant places lime Belgaum and Dharwad. Lack of educational facilities in Bailhongal was a great hindrance to intelligent and economically backward students. Only rich students had advantage. On realizing the need for an Institution, which could impart higher education, a group of elites in Bailhongal and Bailhongal Taluka, established Kittur Rani Channamma Educational Society in Bailhongal in the year 1968. Late Shri. S.R.Kanthi Honorable Minister for Law and Parliamentary Affairs, then Mysore Government was the founder President under whose able guidance, the Society started functioning with the establishment of Arts and Science College.


           Initially, Department of Gymkhana and extra  curricular activities were managed by faculty member of the Institution. Later the Government gave the status of independent department for Gymkhana. The sports officer was appointed to loom after the department.


           Shri. B.R. Gudagudi was appointed as physical instructor in 1973. Hence Gymkhana Department assured significance from 1973 onwards Shri. M.G. Turamari assumed the charge of the department as physical instructor from 01-07-1974. He rerired from service on 30-06-2014. In December 2009 Shri. D.M. Yenagi assumed the office.


           Physical Education is a basic education, which facilitates overall development of  body, mind and soul. For the all-round development of students, Physical Education is absolutely essential keeping in mind the above philosophy, the students are trained to acquire necessary skills of various games and develop leadership qualities in them.


           The Rani Channamma University Zonal and Inter Zonal tournaments were conducted in different games on the ground of our college. This generated great interest among the students and induced them to participate in various games and sports. As a result many of our students became University Blues.

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