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The Department of Mathematics was established in the year 1968. To cater the needs of the students, the subject Statistics was introduced in the year 1984 under Mathematics Department. Statistics is taught at BSc level as Minor subject. Now it is being taught to BSc classes as one of the optional subjects in the group Physics, Mathematics and Statistics (PMS).   Prof M.L Indi, Miss B.S.Pushpa & Prof A.S Ainapur served the department as guest lecturers in Statistics. Prof R. B. Halayyanavar joined the department in the year 1985 as lecturer in Statistics, Prof  S. M. Hiremath in the year 1988 as lecturer in Statistics

        Prof R.B. Halayyanavar took over the charge of the department in the year 2006.  Student of our Department Miss R.M. Jadhav got 5th rank to the Karnatak Univesity Dharwad.

The Department organised UGC sponsored state level workshop on 27th March 2011. On ‘Simulation Techniques and Reliability Theory’.

The alumni of our department are serving in Central and State government services and also MNCs at various levels.

Great luminaries who visited the department are Prof D.T. Shirke, Prof T.P.M. Pakkal, Prof  S.N.Hegde, Prof P.V.Pandit, Prof (Smt) Surekha Munoli and others.

Miss.Kirti Angadi, Miss Ratna Hubballi & Miss Deepa Billur got selected in the campus recruitment by MNCs, Wipro and TCS.


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Shri R.B.Halayyanavar

Associate professor & HOD



Shri S.M.Hiremath

Associate professor