Department of  Kannada

About Department of  Kannada

             The department of Kannada was started with the inception of the institution in the year 1968. The department has shown a study growth in quality as well as quantity. It has thought Kannada subject as basic major, and minor till 1994. After 1994, with the introduction of semester system, it has thought Kannada as basic and as one of three subject of equal importance.

The syllabus prescribed by the poruit university curriculum the topics related to Karnataka literature.

Kannada is a regional language of Karnataka. It has been a powerful medium of institution since 2010 Kannada is related as the classical language. As a result there has been a study increase in the students enrolling for Kannada optional subject. To encourage such aspirants, the department has organized special lecture, symposiums and conferences. Its impact is reflected in the outgoing students heading towards research, critical and creative activity many Aumni have been emerged as writers of eminence.

The department has two faculty members Dr. S.M. Lokapur is the Ph.D holder has so far authored 40 Books relating to creativity critical, and research fields. Another faculty member Prof. V.S. Ganachari, is a M.A. M.phil holder.

Dr. S.M. Lokapur have been guiding Ph.D students seen research scholars have been doing research work under him. One student has already submitted their thesis to awarding.

             Dr. Lokapur he is a creative writer and has won may prestigious prize for his literature work. His writings have been included in text books prescribed for U.G. and P.G. students besides; he has edited some text books for point (RCU) University and some other universities also.

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